Milgram outside the laboratory

20 12 2007

The Advances in the History of Psychology weblog points to a story about a real-life example of Milgram’s obedience effects…

Advances in the History of Psychology — Milgram Study Comes to Life (Again):

This past August a Massachusetts institution that specializes in the treatment of people with autism, mental retardation, and emotional problems, the Judge Rotenberg center, was tricked into delivering dozens of electric shocks to two of its special education students when staff were ordered to do so over the telephone by a former student posing as a school supervisor.

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Violence and Mental Illness, Redux

6 12 2007

Ugh. Another awful shooting yesterday. And, another shooter who was psychologically disturbed. Situations like this tend to reinforce the notion that mental illness is associated with violence, and continues to stigmatize the disorders. I always cringe when this kind of media report comes out.

Pure Pedantry has a good posting about the relationships between violence and mental illness, with some good data.

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