More on academic fraud by Stapel and a new case in the Netherlands

3 07 2012
I previously wrote here and here about Deiderik Stapel’s case of academic fraud. I noticed today that Psych Science retracted 2 of Diederek Stapel’s papers. Details here.
Also, another social/marketing psychologist from the Netherlands, Dirk Smeesters, has been found to commit fraud, two of his papers were retracted, and he had to resign his post. See this post from the British Psych Society’s blog.
This case is almost marginal – he says he removed participants who supposedly failed to read the instructions properly, a detail which he did not include in the paper, but he also could not produce the raw data. In addition, the data look statistically likely to be fabricated or manipulated.
Of particular interest was this commentary by one of his co-authors that shows how gut-wrenching this is to everyone who gets caught up in academic fraud.



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