Dissociative disorders and trauma

29 02 2008

In Abnormal Psychology, we’ll be discussing dissociative disorders next week. Mind Hacks has a good summary of dissociative disorders and trauma, including the role of hypnosis:

Mind Hacks: Fragments of consciousness:

Dana’s online neuroscience magazine Cerebrum has a fantastic article on trauma and dissociation – the splitting of consciousness that apparently makes some aspects of the mind inaccessible to others.

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Politics and mental illness

24 02 2008

The excellent neuroscience blog, Mind Hacks, has a very interesting post about the stigma of mental illness, particularly as it relates to moral weakness and politics…

Mind Hacks: The ghost of moral madness:

One of the most remarkable stories from recent years comes from Scandanavia, where Kjell Magne Bondevik, the then serving Prime Minister of Norway, announced he needed three weeks sick leave owing to an episode of depression.

Bondevik returned to work and was re-elected in the subsequent election. He’s now retired from politics, campaigns to fight the stigma associated with mental illness and was recently interviewed (realvideo) about his experiences on BBC’s Newsnight programme.

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Kay Redfield Jamison lecture on Bipolar Disorder

21 02 2008

A kind soul has posted a YouTube video of a Kay Redfield Jamison lecture describing her experience with bipolar disorder. Check it out:[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/CxRLap9xLag" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

PSY239 Podcast Episodes 6 & 7

6 02 2008

PSY239 Podcast Episode 6: Mood disorders part 2; Episode 7: Anxiety disorders Read the rest of this entry »

Memory distortion in PsyBlog

5 02 2008

Today in Introduction to Psychology, we were going over memory distortions and fabrications. PsyBlog has a good post on just that topic today…

PsyBlog: How Memories are Distorted and Invented: Misattribution:

When a memory is ‘misattributed’ some original true aspect of a memory becomes distorted through time, space or circumstances.

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1 02 2008

Three excellent suggestions for studying effectively…


Here are three unintuitive but very effective ways of studying based on findings from psychological research