Conformity and elevators

30 08 2008

Funny and illustrative post over at PsyBlog:

PsyBlog: Elevator Psychology and The London Underground:

This vintage ‘Candid Camera’ style video of people in an elevator is a great illustration of the power of conformity. In fact the reaction of the last victim seems almost too perfect to be real:

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He’s Baaack

30 08 2008

After quitting my teaching job to seek a PhD in social psychology, and moving 2,600 miles to Fayetteville, Arkansas, I am now starting to post here again.

I am not sure what the blog will be since I am not producing it for my students (I am not teaching this year), but it will likely include a bit more about research in my subject area, and less general postings. But we’ll see. Stay tuned.